Sunday, November 7, 2010

Got to the craft store

I can't believe how much warm and natural is. I don't know what size of a piece they were selling, as it was bagged up, but they were wanting $136 for it?!?!?! I opted for some natural cotton batting that I thought I was getting for $11, but turns out it was $29.95 for 50in x 60in size. Jeepers! Also I got some bells to rust, 2 different sizes, and I got some black buttons and more thread for the sewing machine, and some mini christmas trees as I wanted to use the branches for projects. I am almost done with one project (haven't gotten very far actually), which I will finish up tomorrow.


  1. Hi Andrea,
    That does seem expensive for W&N. I buy mine online most of the time and a piece 90"X108", enough for a queen sized bed, is just over $25.00. A huge piece 34X50 yards is $149.50. I've tried the cheaper cotton batting and it's not as good and stretches when you try to stuff so be careful. I can't wait to see what you're making! Hugs

  2. Its just of crazy the price of W&N,sometimes
    buying ONLINE is the best way to go,Retails
    Stores mark everything up 200% to 300% I have
    worked on both side of the Market,As a Senior
    Designer Buyer,at International Trade Market
    and in Retail, Its all about the Supply and
    Demands of the product
    Looking forward to want your creating...Your
    so talented..