Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm still here

I am still here, and still not being able to make anything. We have a few more months to go until we can start looking for a house to buy. All my craft supplies are being stored in the shed of my inlaws, and it's not a box I can ge to easily out there.

But, YES, it is really driving me crazy not being able to make anything. A lot of good seasons are coming up, and I can't make a darn thing.


  1. Morning Andrea...well it is for me, not sure what time it is But I do know it's the start of your Winter!!!

    Hope things settle for you soon and you can get out of that crafting withdrawl you have going on there.


  2. I hope you come back soon, I just found your blog and joined it. I love crafts and I love your blog.
    Please stop by my blog and check it out!!!
    I am already starting to do Christmas ornaments which I love to do!!!