Thursday, March 11, 2010

No crafting for a while

Doesn't look like I will be making any crafts for a while. Can't find my sewing machine, and all my supplies too. They are all back at my inlaws shed. So until we buy a house, I won't be making anything. And that won't be until August/Sept. UGH! I don't like this at all.


  1. Oh no Andrea! How frustrating for you not to be able to sew and create. But at least if you can get onto the internet, you can keep up to date with all your favourite sites and blogs.
    Hopefully the time will go quickly for you, and you'll back at it before you know it! Little comfort I know, but it will happen.
    Sorry I haven't been in to comment for a while. Finding it hard at the mo to get around to all my fav blogs. Best of luck with the house hunting. x

  2. Craft withdrawal, oh no !!!. if your like me, you will soon be at the store picked up a lttie yarn and either needles or a hook, just to have something to keep your hand busy while you wait to get to the rest of your stash.