Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 ornies left to swap

I have 6 ornies left to swap! If anyone is interested in doing an ornie swap with me, please let me know, and I will get back to you. You will be sending to Australia. All you have to do is swap with me one handmade ornie. That's it! And you can send it anytime before the end of November. I'm still working on finishing mine up. :-)


  1. I would like to swap with you!
    Please contact me at

  2. Hi Andrea,
    Just wanted to let you know I got the kitties today! They are awesome!!! Thank you so much!Hugs, Loretta

  3. Hi Andrea. Just saw your post about the difficulty you have in finding particular craft items. Think you will definitely have to go online to find them. The following sites sell supplies of those particular things if you want to go that way. They're all in Australia, and you probably know one or two of them. :)

    I also have a few pip berry sprays on my site and I have fresh spanish moss in my garden you can have too.
    Thanks heaps for the link to my blog and also for visiting and becoming a follower.
    It's great that you're wittling down those ornies too!! lol. ;o)

  4. I'd love to swap with you... I'm doing the Daisy Quilt swap, but have an extra ornament :) If you're interested let me know. I'm in Hawaii.

    Kathleen G.
    (I think you can click on my photo and it should take you to my blog or contact info)

  5. I really thought I posted a comment earlier, but now I'm wondering if it ever made it through.... hmmm. If you're still wanting swap partners, I'd love to participate. I live in Hawaii. You can reach me at

  6. Would love to swap an ornie with you, I am in the States, East Coast. Please let me know the particulars. There is still plenty of time.