Thursday, April 16, 2015

Extreme Prim doll - The Tooth Fairy.

This is my latest extreme prim doll - The Tooth Fairy. I really procrastinated with her. But she's crazy for sure!!! My daughter (she's 8) wanted me to make a fairy, and I was trying to think how to do it. Then tooth fairy popped into my head and I went with that. My daughter said she just "had" to have red hair, so I used some reddish mohair. Various homespun fabrics for the dress, rusty safety pins holding the dress straps over the shoulders. She holds a tooth in one hand (attached with rusty safety pin), and has a tooth bag and her sparkly tooth wand on the other arm. She is 14 inches tall. She comes signed and dated by me.

Going to sell her through a prim doll group I am in, and if there are no takers, she'll go to my Etsy shop.

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