Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Need to make a handmade Christmas card

For a ornie swap I am doing, I am supposed to make a handmade Christmas card to go along with it. Eeeeek! I have never done anything like that before, and don't even have anything to make a card with. It's quite daunting to me, because I have no idea what I am going to make. Anyone have any nice and simple ideas?


  1. Oh sweetie,
    They have some of the most wonderful Christmas type graphics if you google it. Print it on cardstock and add your own little embellishments to it. A stone here or there, or sew a little heart on it. Let your imagination run wild.

    I have even taken some of my old Christmas cards, recycled them, and cut out what I wanted to use, added it to a plain white note card, or even cover up what is on a note card that you have. Even a little jingle bell can be attached, just sew it to the card. It is sew easy. The best kind of all.

    Hope it helps a little. Make do with what you have. Every year at the end of the holidays I always ask people to give me their old Christmas cards if they are going to throw them out, and start recycling them. I cut out what I want off of the card, and then you have cute little things to work with all year long.

    I hope I have helped a little. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  2. back to back recycled chrissy cards are a great idea..you can crochet or handstitch around the edge. Even simpler cut out a triangle or simple chrissy trea shape using fabric, card stock or recyled chrissy wrapping paper...the main thing is have fun with it :)

  3. Hello Andrea,
    I hope you've worked it out.
    Just keep it really really simple.
    I had to make one the other day and I know what you mean... I got so nervous cause I hadn't made one in a long time.
    Do something you like and you'll be fine!

  4. Thanks Ladies! I appreciate your imput. I finally came up with something. It's not prim though, but it's nice.